Thursday, August 9, 2012

Morgen La Civita - Who I Am

Morgen La Civita - Who I Am
Independent Spotlight

I've known Morgen La Civita for a few years now, through musical social sites as a musician and more so as a friend.  She has one of the most soulful and heartfelt voices I have ever heard.  I own her first two albums "From the Basement" and "Old Souls", each being excellent albums, standing on their own as masterpieces sung by this grand voice.  

Just over a week ago, she released "Who I Am"; a collection of solo piano pieces recorded live in studio.  This release covers the finest songs I believe that she has written to date.  I love to listen to Morgen from time to time, when I want to get away from it all and get lost in the stories that she paints with her lyrics, but with the release of "Who I Am", I get taken to a whole different and greater level of emotion.  

From the title track at the start of this album ("Who I Am") all the way to the end with "There Are Angels", you are taken on a great journey of various joys, trials and tribulations through well crafted songs that make you sit back and take in all their glory in simplicity of a voice and a piano.  I have a hard time latching on to a favorite only because I love every song on this release.  What really takes me over the top is the piano playing, because it is so perfectly done for each track.  Every accompaniment is absolutely beautiful and has an emotive quality all its own.  

Listen to the lyrics to these tracks and take in the feelings that Morgen is pouring on the page as she is writing these songs.  "Who I Am", "I'm Okay" and "Pretty Marie" make me well up every time I heard the original versions.  Now they make me feel the lyrics deeper than before.  I believe this change is brought about by the intimacy of singing with a solo piano.  

This is the prettiest singing that I've heard in a long time.  When Morgen sent me this album, I listened to it about 20 times that afternoon, and played it over and over in the car last week until I picked up a new album by Jennifer Thomas.  Both different but beautiful releases.  Today I've returned to Morgen's album, because it is resonating with how I feel at this moment.  I absolutely love the lyrics to "Who I Am" because it's such a powerful song.     

Here is a clip from Morgen's first release "From the Basement" showcasing her bio and accomplishments. 

Morgen La Civita had already made her mark in the world of radio and television voice overs, as well as commercial copy writing, when she made the transition to songwriting.

In only 2 years, she has been featured on 20 albums, has had several songs licensed by various music publishers and has received Radio airplay on major market stations, including WWOZ in New Orleans, Jazz88 in San Francisco and NBC's "Good Morning New Orleans".

Her fusion of Americana, Folk, Blues and World Music, which
she uses to tell the musical equivalent of campfire ghost stories, gives her an edgy and unique sound in today's increasingly competitive market.

Her EPK reflects, both her personal style as well as her ability to collaborate in other genres of music.  

Socially conscious, Morgen provides specialized music, for causes close to her heart. This has earned her the reputation of being not only unaffected, but genuinely down to earth and easy to work with, a fading quality among today's rising stars.

Morgen has a home studio where she writes, records and mixes all her music with her Grammy winning partner Jake R. Tanner.

As with any independent release, I'll tell you to please purchase the album from the artist.  And for the price of $7 on her website, this is a bargain for such an awesome collection of beautifully crafted tracks.  This is worth skipping the venti-5-shot-vanilla-soy-latte any day. 

Please visit Morgen's website to purchase this release.
You can catch more of Morgen on ReverbNation
Watch videos on her performing on her YouTube Channel 
And join her fan page on Facebook

"Old Souls" can be purchased through

If you listen to the album on Bandcamp, listen to another one of my favorite tracks from "Who I Am" titled "Pretty Marie"...enjoy.  

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