Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I started this year with great hopes of continual writing and blogging about my favorite subject; Music. I wanted to focus on new and upcoming releases, along with Independent artists through sites like Broadjam, ReverbNation and Sonic. All was going well, till I hit a wall with moving and taking on all sorts of issues this year that I wasn't expecting.

Our search for a home took a lot out all of us this year and we’re just now settled and recovered. I’ll be returning to writing very soon and am looking forward to sharing some new and wonderful artists, CDs and sites to go visit as well.

I know so many people of differing faiths. I myself am more Buddhist in nature, but I still am a Christian in upbringing and celebrating some values in life. I love this holiday time of year for many reasons. One, to reflect upon the year that just went by so quickly. Two, to get together with friends and family. Three, to enjoy the company of those I love dearly and make special memories together.

During this time of year, I retreat into Christmas music, in celebration of everything dealing with the season. Some of my favorites are Harry Connick, Jr. “When My Heart Finds Christmas”. Along with some classic versions of classic songs, Harry wrote a smattering of memorable new songs that I hope carry on into the regular line-up of play-lists everywhere. My other classic favorite is David Lanz “Christmas Eve”. Just a stunning display of beautiful piano pieces with interpretive works in between the regular standards, this album soothes the soul in the cold arms of winter. My favorite song on this CD is track 6, “The First Noel/Christmas Eve Waltz”. Just simply beautiful.

I’m going to point you in the direction of a few new favorites that are independent based.

John Visconti – “It Won’t Be Christmas Without You”

Jo Davidson – Merry Christmas and Happy New York (the whole CD)

Bruce Niemchick’s – Broadjam Christmas Song Play-list.

Some amazing stuff on all three of those artists above. I can’t stop listening to Jo’s CD at the moment, cause its just so calming.

John’s “It Won’t Be Christmas Without You” is just a great “hit-in-waiting” I call it. This song is waiting for someone to discover, sign and release it. It has everything a modern hit Christmas song should have in it.

Bruce’s list, includes some of his songs excellent Christmas songs. So make sure you stop by and listen to his play-list of some phenomenally talented people on Broadjam.

I hope this finds everyone enjoying the holidays!! Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Be, Ah-ho. May the peace of the season ring through you and you feel the love that is in the air.