Monday, August 22, 2016

Independent Share And Dave's Space Place On Hiatus

There comes a time when I must put several things “on hold” and focus on what matters most.  Several projects need my attention at the moment and one of them is taking classes online for work related purposes (big data, data science and business intelligence).  The other projects are video and music (writing) related and I need to focus on these right now. 

So, what does this mean? 

As of this moment and until the end of October 2016, Independent Share and Dave’s Space Place will be going on hiatus.  I will be returning at that time with full shows and hopefully a little surprise or two on my show anniversary for Independent Share.  I’m taking the time to organize my unorganized indie library of music which has grown substantially.  I’m also hoping to take care of a bunch of backlogged items, like my websites and uploading past shows to MixCloud. 

I have been struggling with this decision over the past few months.  Having internet outages and health issues were not part of this decision.   Thanks to Comcast for messing everyone in the Chicago area up for the last two months while they retrofit their ancient hardware to handle gigabit internet that is now available for a hefty price.  Way to go Comcast.  My main decisions are my present work projects and my future in the areas that I want to pursue for the rest of my career in IT.  I’m very excited about this and it has renewed and refreshed my love for all things data. 
This does not negate my need for all things music and radio in the future.  This break will allow me to get organized and be able to maintain the shows with little or no interruption in the future.  There is a method for the madness here and the surprise I am planning for the shows will be epic in my eyes.  So hang in there with me. 

I will be back. 

Everyone have a peaceful last summer hurrah and welcome the colors of fall.  I’ll see you in November. 


Dave Davis