Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Independent Share for 11-18-2013 - Show #2

Show # 2 is in the can this week, you can now go and listen to it on the Spreaker Radio web page or through the embedded player below.

I hope that you enjoy this week's artist.

One new artist this week includes Jennifer Thomas, who I wrote a review on this blog not to long ago.

Jennifer Thomas - Etude for the Dreamer
  Jennifer's Facebook Page
Gloria Taylor - Please Believe
  Gloria's CD on CDBaby

John Visconti - Wanderings

Sarah Donner - Treeline
  Sarah's Facebook Page

Ian Kenny - The Magic Guitar
  Ian's Facebook Page

Morgen La Civita - Pretty Marie
  Morgen's Facebook Page

Steven Swinford - Grasslands
  Steven's Facebook Page
Stacy Swinford - Marionette
  Stacy's Facebook Page

Zach Phillips - Crezy Kind of Love

Mari Jackson - Bring It On
  Mari's Facebook Page

Liz Miller - Couch
  Liz's Facebook Page
  Liz's CD on CDBaby

Jimmy the Dog - If This Old Horse Could Talk
  Jim's Facebook Page

Spacekat - Afternoon Shade
  Spacekat's SoundCloud Page

Yves Jean - The Sun
  Yves' Facebook Page

Stickman Bleeding - All Alone

Fateless Tears - Music                           
 Fateless Tears' Facebook Page

Xaoslord - Newtown                           
  Xaoslord's Facebook Page

Sad Alice Said - Open Your Eyes                           
  Sad.Alice.Said Facebook Page

Bellusira - By Your Side                   
  Bellursira's Facebook Page

Loveblast - When We Were Young
  Loveblast's Facebook Page

Seventrain - Change
  Seventrain's Facebook Page

Wayland - On My Knees
  Wayland's Facebook Page

Deepfield - Don't Let Go
  Deepfield's Facebook Page

A Lonely Crowd - The Fall   
 A Lonely Crowd's Facebook Page

Prassein Aloga - Under Surveillance
  Prassein Aloga's Facebook Page
Rock Sugar - Dreaming Of A Whole Lotta Breakfast
  Rock Sugar's Facebook Page

Nils Rurack - Fat Cat
  Nils' Facebook Page
  Nils' CD on CDBaby

ERIC GALES - The Spice
  Eric Gales' Facebook Page

Mike Sherrill - Mike Sherrill - Celebration circle
  W.T.A.U. Pea Ridge Nation Spreaker Page
  Mike's Facebook Page

Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey
  Jonathan Coultan's Facebook Page

Troy Castellano - Out of Time           
  Troy's Facebook Page

Anna Lombard - Why Did You Leave Me   
  Anna Lombard's Facebook Page

Stacy Swinford - Your Indifference
  Stacy's Facebook Page

Ian Gould - Photographs and Memories 
  Ian's Facebook Page

Malika Esdelle - Barricade
  Malika Esdelle's Facebook Page
John Visconti - It Won't Be Christmas Without You
Sweet Diezel Jenkins - You Give Love a Bad Name
  Sweet Diezel Jenkins' Facebook Page

Spacekat - Spacekats Theme (1:50)
  Spacekat's SoundCloud Page

Jennifer Thomas - Requiem for a Dream
  Jennifer's Facebook Page

Don Duck Landes - Spare Dreams (3:06)
  Quackhouse Radio
  Duck's ReverbNation Page

David Bruce Davis - Crimson Bubblin Blues
  David's Facebook Page

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Independent Share

It's been a long time since I've written any reviews or articles about Independent Artists, well, that's about to change.  This week I ran my first successful radio show on

Independent Share is now live and running.  It will be a weekly show focusing on Independent Artists and their brilliant music that needs to be heard.  I have set up a web address that points to our Facebook page where I will share videos and artist links during the week.  I'll be using this page as a launch point for the radio program and shows that will be running.  Over time this may turn into a website and it may focus on other genres and full albums for promoting CD releases. 
We cover all genres on the show.  

This week on 11-11-2013 I had my inaugural show.  The link is below and you can listen streaming, to the whole show, right here.  You can also follow the link and visit the show website and download it to play on your phone or iPod later on.  These are all true independent artists that are either on indie labels or run their own digital and CD distribution out of their homes.  

Support these artists.  If you like their music, don't pirate it, buy it.  Most of these people work jobs other than their music.  Some are musicians professionally, who perform almost daily to make ends meet.  They love what they do, they have passion for it and they have the passion to get their music heard. 

That is where I come in.

Being a musician and independent artist for more than 20 years, I've struggled to just get people to listen to my music, because what I write is a genre that is often overlooked or just not listened too (New Age Piano), like it used to be in the 90s.  I've self promoted the heck out of music and get a few plays here and there.  I had very minor success on iTunes back in 2003, but that didn't last more than a week.  I have one song that successfully was shopped to a TV program by the Discovery Networks, for which I have yet to be paid and it's only performance rights.  The show is The Bad Girls Club.  Not exactly the venue I wanted to see my music in, but it's getting heard.  I've had a few nibbles here and there, but there is always someone more tenacious and aggressive to get the gig and a lot of times, their tracks are better than mine.  My story is nothing compared to some of the hardship some people go through with getting their music heard and out in the public.

Hence the formation of Independent Share.

I wanted to share these folks, who are working so hard to be heard.  I wanted to give them a forum to share their music with the world and have people appreciate what they do.  Validation of our craft is one of the greatest gifts we receive when we create music.  Mostly we create music for ourselves and if others like it, then the residual effect is that we feel good about.  It does feel good to hear your song on the radio. 

I will be scouring the Internet for artists that need to be heard.  It is my hope that some of these artists find me, so that I can play them on my radio show.  It is also my hope that my listener base on grows to a mighty following and that we can get these folk some hits, likes and purchases to help support there income and keep them making excellent music.

Join us at and for the show, every Monday night from 7 pm to 10 pm CST

You can listen to the show from 11-11-2013 below, and I'll include the list of every artist shared below the show.  Every week now I will post the latest show here and also post album and artist reviews on folks that will be featured.  

April Henry - New Day
   April's Facebook

Morgen La Civita - Who I Am
   Morgen's Facebook

John Visconti - A Dog's Life

Sweet Diezel Jenkins - James Brown Get On Up
   Sweet Diezel Jenkins' Facebook  

Ian Gould - Stay
   Ian's Facebook

Stacy Swinford - Lady Avalon
   Stacy's Facebook

Zach Phillips - Alchemy

Bruce Niemchick - A Soldier's Request              
   Bruce's Facebook

George Sladek - If I Was You I'd Fall In Love With Me

Steven Swinford - Habana Real
    Steven's Facebook

Liz Miller - Roanoke
    Liz's Facebook

Mike Sherrill - Mike Sherrill - Fire circle
    Mike's Spreaker Show WTAU Pea Ridge Nation

Gloria Taylor - It Just Is What It Is
    Gloria's CD on CDBaby

Spacekat - Inner Light

Fateless Tears - Madness                          
    Fateless Tears Facebook

Xaoslord - Dreaming In Stereo                          
    Xaoslord's Facebook

Richard J Baysinger - Hollow                          

Stickman Bleeding - Heroes                  

Troy Castellano Group - Day in the Sun          
    Troy's Facebook

Jo Davidson - Kiss Me There                 

Wax Audio - Careless Rebel
    Wax Audio's Facebook

Steven StoneBear Bartha - The Thrill is Gone
    Tom Bock

Nils Rurack - Frantic (feat. Ad Smit)
    Nils' Facebook

Pie Q - Squares
    Pie Q's Facebook

A Lonely Crowd - Bipolar Bear  
    A Lonely Crowd's Facebook

Distant Sun - I've Moved On      
    Distant Sun's Facebook

Protilius - Apocalyptic Customer Service
    Protilius' Facebook

Bellusira - Cachango                  
    Bellusira's Facebook

Franck Carducci - Alice's Eerie Dream  
    Franck's Facebook              

Stereoside - So Long  
    Stereoside's Facebook

Protilius - Catfight
    Protilius' Facebook

Dar Williams - It's Alright      
    Dar Williams' Facebook

Ian Gould - Out of the Blue
    Ian's Facebook

Morgen La Civita - Bound
   Morgen's Facebook

John Visconti - It Won't Be Christmas Without You

Stacy Swinford - Love is Magic                          
    Stacy's Facebook

Anna Lombard - All for You            
    Anna's Facebook

Sweet Diezel Jenkins - No Diggity California Love
    Sweet Diezel Jenkins' Facebook