Friday, December 11, 2015

Steven Swinford - Ode to Joy

I love Christmas music.

I especially love when a guitar virtuoso, like Steven Swinford, does one.  I'm not talking Gary Hoey; although, his Christmas albums have been descent.  I'm talking about someone who knows their instrument inside and out and can make it sing like no other can.  Tuck Andress has a great Christmas album and so do many other guitar players, but I'm always finding something is missing in those albums.  Whether it be passion for the songs they are playing, or just going through the motions to kick out a product.  I love simple and beautiful arrangements when it comes to guitar and Steven Swinford has hit the mark with this release of "Ode to Joy".  I have only smiles when I listen to this gem.  I have been stuck on two albums this season and this is one of the albums that I keep listening too over and over again.  That says a lot, because I listen to a LOT of music not only for the shows I produce, but just for pleasure.

Track 1 - O Little Town of Bethlehem - Simple arrangement and the guitar just sings beautifully.

Track 2 - Bring the Torch Jeanette Isabella - Again, just stunning playing going on here folks. I play guitar and I so wish I could play like this.  This is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Track 3 - Hark the Herald Angels Sing - This song is elevated to another level when the strings come in.  They fill in from an Americana/Folk point of view to a full string quartet, which is absolutely beautiful.  Laraine Kaizer plays all of the violins, violas and cello parts on this release.

Track 4 - I Saw Three Ships - This song is hard to play on the piano,  I can't imagine what it takes to play on the guitar.  Then Steven, his wife Stacy Swinford and Morgen La Civita come in on vocals towards the end of the song. What a great surprise to hear them all singing together.

Track 5 - While He Lay Sleeping - This is a Steven original piece.  Beautiful song.  I love the percussion and what sounds like a mandolin in the background.  I think the title is perfect.  You get that sense that someone is watching someone silently and peacefully sleeping and the person is grateful for having them in their life.

Track 6 - Joy Medley - Yet another classic, that is incredibly hard to play on the piano and the finger picking that is going on in this rendition is masterful.  A beautiful arrangement once again.  A nice tie back to the original run with the harmonic.  The break into Ode to Joy in the middle is perfect.  I can't say that that it leans towards a Country genre.  This is more like a Bard's tale or Troubadour style of playing.  A Medieval court maybe? either way.  I love this medley.

Track 7 - Good King Wenceslas - Beautifully plucked harmonics on this song.  Another finger exercise endurance trial, but a pretty one, nonetheless and another favorite Christmas song for me.

Track 8 - Angels We Have Heard on High - Another pretty arrangement of a timeless classic. And yet another song that I love to hear played on the guitar.

Track 9 - O Come All Ye Faithful - I love the feel of this arrangement. Simple but sweet.

Track 10 - Silent Night - This track opens like it's a deep meditation and then goes into almost a  "riding on the wagon trail" song.  It has strings and the right percussion to make it sing.  This could also be right out of the "Cold Mountain" soundtrack.  It has that Civil War bluegrass feel to it.  I love it.  I also love Jake Tanner's harpsichord playing on this song.  What a great mix!

Track 11 - Kings Medley - Oh I love this medley too.  Even if I'm being a little kid again and singing "we three king's of orient are...puffing on a loaded cigar".  Oh to be young again.  I like the way Steven takes classic Christmas songs and intertwines them into a medley arrangement of his own.

Track 12 - O Holy Night - Another excellent version of O Holy Night.  I've heard twelve new ones this year and this now this has to be one of my favorite renditions.  I love when the violin comes in and makes my spine tingle and heart sing.

Track 13 - For Unto Us a Child is Born - A great rendition of an arrangement done by the London Symphony Orchestra. Beautiful guitar playing once again on this track.  Plus a return of Stacy and Morgen singing on this track towards the end. Everyone singing in harmony.  Just beautiful.

Track 14 - The First Noel/Joy to the World - Solo guitar. Simple and beautiful.  This is the last track on the album.  Last but not least.

This is a grand entry into my Christmas library. I love everything that Steven produces.  I'll highly recommend any of his other releases as well. You need to go grab this one of your holiday music list. Get a CD copy while they last!  It truly is a wonderful album all the way through and back again.  Put this in your playlist and just press the repeat button and kick back.

Links for Steven Swinford:

Steven Swinford on Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes 

CD Copy while they last, are available here

Swinford Music

Here is "O Little Town of Bethlehem" from YouTube

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jennifer Thomas - "Winter Symphony"

Truly an album worth owning.  And I do mean that.  OWNING.  Add this to your Christmas music playlist and play this every year.  Heck, play it all Winter long, because this is a

"Winter Symphony

This is a fun review to be able to write.  I'm writing this paragraph last as an overview.  Why?  I wanted to capture the emotions and feelings that I had when I first listened to this release and get them down in their raw and honest form, like I did with Jennifer's last album "Illumination".  (another album, that if you don't own it, you should)

Track 1 - Angels We Have Heard On High (feat. The Ensign Chorus)

What a way to make an entrance.  Seriously.  From beginning to end, I have copious ripples of goose flesh.  Chills and thrills and might I add some heavy WOW moments.  I love the arrangement as it builds, but when the chorus enters the scene.  Oh my.   At one point I felt myself tearing up.  Right when the theme for "Ave Maria" started to roll into the middle section, then full bloom back into "Angels We Have Heard On High".  Stellar track.

Track 2 - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

This arrangement should have been in a Harry Potter movie right smack dab in the middle of the Christmas segment.  Just saying.  It takes you on the whimsical journey of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  I can almost see the dancers on stage.  But when the track goes on a romp through a waltz-out-of-control (and that's a good thing), I see the dancers take flight across stage and everything is strewn with ribbons and bows and snowflakes falling.  It's just a happy-go-lucky-whimsical jaunt through the music and that just makes me very happy.  I've only ever heard someone else do a waltz-out-of-control and that's Hanz Zimmer in the soundtrack for Gladiator, in the opening battle scene with the Germans.  It was perfect there and it's perfect here.

Track 3 - Carol of Bells

Well.  I have to say.  Carol of Bells is not one of my favorite songs.  I have a friend who has done a really cool blitzed out dance version of it that made it not repetitive at all.  But this version has now become my favorite version of the song and has made me like the song even more.  It's a beautiful arrangement and not repetitive at all.  I love the swells and rolls of the melody.  Just makes me want to jump in the snow and play like a kids again.  (now if you could do this to The Little Drummer Boy, Jennifer, I'd be grateful.)

Track 4 - Alleluia (feat. Felicia Farerre and The Ensign Chorus)

I just have one word for this track.  Wow.  I could just end with that, but I'll elaborate a little.  Nothing does this track justice, but to sit, listen and envelope yourself in the angelic voices of The Ensign Chorus and Felicia Farerre.  I shivered from beginning to end.  The big "love" that comes through in this track is pure passion and magical all the way.  Elegant, graceful, stunning, beautiful, passionate…and simply WOW.  Jennifer, you have written a masterpiece here.  WOW  This one brought tears to my eyes several times.

Track 5 - Ice Dance (feat. The Ensign Chorus)

Here we go again.  Goose flesh and some beautiful Elfman-ish chorus with stunning orchestral swells take me through woods with the snowflakes falling, while skating on the icy river.  Straight out of a scene from Hans Christian Anderson.  It's just what I feel folks.  Everyone is going to get a different experience from this track.  But if Tim Burton were to ever redo Edward Scissorhands?  Yep, this would be the track to consider when he's making his ice sculptures.  Again; what a beautiful arrangement.  Update to this writing: When I wrote this paragraph on this song, I didn't know where it was from.  I went and looked at Jennifer's liner notes on the writer.  It was Danny Elfman.  Ding, ding, ding.  I thought at first, maybe it was from the second Batman film with the Penguin, but I went and looked it up.  I WAS from Edward Scissorhands.  It's been over 20 years since I've seen that movie or even heard that soundtrack. For me to pick that out of thin air, is just amazing to me.  And I stand by what I said.  If they ever remake that movie.  Hire Jennifer to do the arrangements and Glen Gabriel to do the orchestration…oh and The Ensign Chorus to do the choral parts.  Phenomenal!

Track 6 - I Saw Three Ships

This arrangement starts off with a great Celtic feel and just continues through the entire song.  What a great genre fit to this classic songs.  Could almost see a River Dance going on.  Or Mr. Fezziwig dancing around his company party with young Ebenezer celebrating in early life.   Beautifully done.  This is a favorite holiday song for me.

Track 7 - Breath of Heaven

Another beautiful rendition of a gorgeous song.  Made famous by Amy Grant; this Chris Eaton song has always been a favorite one for me.  Beautiful arrangements on the orchestra and piano.  Not much to say here, but to tell you just to sit back and listen and enjoy.

Track 8 - Theme from Home Alone (Somewhere In My Memory)

Stunning arrangement here.  Jennifer's arrangement and Glen Gabriel's orchestrations.  Nothing more to say here other than…BRAVO!  Standing up and clapping at the end.  Brilliantly done.  Takes me back to when I first saw this film in the theater.  An amazing soundtrack and a perfect selection for this album.

Track 9 - What Child is This (feat. Taylor Davis)

The violin solo by Taylor Davis is stunning.  This is a beautiful and haunting arrangement.  Jennifer is playing the violin harmony on this track as well.  Shivers when both are playing.  A wonderful Celtic feel here as well.  Pulling the original English Folk style into the solo violin is truly beautiful.

Track 10 - Silent Night (feat The Ensign Chorus)

Oh my, again.  One of my favorite Christmas songs.  Such a beautiful piano arrangement, but then when Noel kicks in it sends a chill right up your spine and into your heart, you feel the warmth.  Especially when the chorus kicks back into Silent Night again.  Gorgeous!

Track 11 - Winter Symphony

We're not off this ride yet folks!  Hang on to those reigns as the horses kick into gear on the sleigh and the ride kicks into overdrive.  Barreling through the snow laden roads of the forest and then over the hills into the open, you see a field ahead with a marvelous castle in the distance and realize that you are heading for greatness and what a ride it is.  This is the title track and it will take your breath away.  I hit repeat on this 4 times, because I wanted to make sure the feeling I was getting was the same each time.  A masterpiece pure and simple.

Track 12 - O Holy Night

Another favorite Christmas song of mine.  Played with such passion and grace that it will make your heart melt.  If you've have a stressful day of Christmas shopping or just the fact that work might be getting on your nerves.  Just sit for a minute.  Close your eyes and kick back.  If this doesn't put you into a feeling of "reason for this season", then I'm not sure anything will.  This is a season of love, peace and good will towards all.  As the end of end of this song explodes,  just feel that power of love enter your heart and share that with every one you meet this holiday.  Remember what it's like to be human and be peace.  It's not about the toys, it's all about LOVE.

Wait…playback is over?  Twelve beautiful tracks.  There.  Right there.  There it is.  The replay button.  And there.  Right there, is the play button.  And, ahhhhh….there.  Track 1 starting all over again…and there…there it is.  There's all the feels.

Go buy this.  There are still physical CD copies available through Bandcamp at the time of writing this review.  You won't be sorry.  Enough of reading me ramble.  I'm going back on the journey again and again and probably all weekend too.

You can get this at iTunes, Google Play and Amazon as well.  Check out the preview video here at YouTube.

Support indie music this holiday.  You'll get awesome music and you won't be disappointed that you did.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Angela Predhomme - Will

I have played Angela Predhomme on my show for a while now. Every release out does the last. "Will" is the latest to step up Angela's talent to a whole other level with great new music. She never ceases to amaze me with her song writing and silky beautiful voice.

I receive a lot of music submitted to me for the show and there are just those few special artists who stand out and make you go "Yeah, this one." "Will" evokes that feeling for me. This album is stellar with every song having hit potential.

From the opener "Friday Morning Sunrise" taking me on a musical journey, to the haunting melody of "Let Her Go" and closing out the album with a beautiful heart-melting song "I'm Not Ready"; about watching your child grow up and not being ready to let them go out into the world just yet; I have to highly recommend this album.

Angela's smooth and soft voice singing through the melodies is like sweet cream in your coffee. "Will" is one of those special albums that do not come around very often, so pick this up. Takes a lot to me to well up with tears in my eyes while listening to a song and "I'm Not Ready" did that to me.

Purchase "Will" by Angela Predhomme from CD Baby 

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A longer review for "Will" is being worked on, because I want give my take on the beauty of each song. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Karen E. Reynolds - Paper Castles

The release for "Paper Castles" says this from CDBaby:

"Another collection of of original songs by Award winning Singer Songwriter, Karen E. Reynolds, all delivered in her tender yet powerful voice and containing her signature style of 'Americana Heart & Southern Soul'."

Karen does many things outside of writing, recording and singing great music.  She has a radio show called Writer's Block Online.  She runs a consulting business, helping artists and writers find their songwriting voice.  She runs large groups of writer forums in local venues throughout Knoxville, Tennessee and she gets involved in music and songwriting festivals all over the South along with sorts of events and client in Nashville.  I read all that happens via her Facebook page and am just floored that she has time for it all and still be able produce a stellar CD like this one.  She is a true powerhouse in music business.

What I like about Karen's writing style is her unique ability to stand out in this cookie-cutter Country industry.  Karen is a true artist, who tells stories with powerful messages from her heart and soul. There aren't too many Country singers that have unique voices out there.  Most end up sounding like someone else.  You might say she "well she  sounds like Cheryl Wheeler or Linda Ronstadt or Mary Chapin-Carpenter", but the truth is, she sounds like Karen.  There is such true happiness in her voice when she sings and a rip-roarin-gospel-soulfulness when she digs in.

So let's take this excellent album track by track.  I interpret tracks sometimes differently than the artist, but here I'm hoping that I'm getting the messages from her lyrics.

Highway 81 - Killer start to the track.  Rolling-down-the-highway style song.  The guitar takes you there instantaneously.  Song talks about heading home down highway 81 to the love of her life.  One line says it all "my destination's you..."  Love this tune.  Strong first track.  In fact folks, I could not only hear this on mainstream radio, but would listen to this song anytime.  It's in my Epic Playlist in my iPod.

Little Itty Bitty East TN Town - Nice mellow start with some great mandolin. This song is about growing up in a little itty bitty East Tennessee Town.  One of life's greatest lessons: "You have more love than you need cash." Catchy hook in the chorus and very memorable.  I find myself wanting to visit this little itty bitty Tennessee town just to see the picture that Karen paints here.

Alabama Moon - Nice upbeat love song with some awesome banjo pickin'. A song about remembering a certain time on the beach looking at a million dollar view of the Alabama Moon shining in your lover's eyes. Ah, sweet memories. Again a great catchy and memorable chorus.

She's Not Lonely - Love the opening slide guitar on the acoustic.  This is old time Country Western music.  Good story here as well.  Another great chorus and I love this little lead guitar parts with the slide between the verses.  "There's no promise of tomorrow." yet another powerful lesson here.  I love that Karen teaches the lessons of life with her music.

Cold River Poem - A short poem.  Awesome organ behind the spoken word.  Love this poem, because it supports the next track.

Down By The River - A song about cleansing your soul in the river. We all go through suffering and heartaches, but we can always cleanse ourselves in some way. Karen's cleansing hers in the river. Killer organ is continued throughout this track.  She's preaching it old school gospel style in this song.  Another strong life message.  I love the break in the end, with the background gospel singer whaling in response to Karen's soulful chorus.  I do believe that by the end of this track, her soul is getting soothed, down by the river.

Pretty From a Distance - A nice beautiful and mellow beginning to this track.  Love the lyric to this song.  "Some thing's are only pretty from a distance, but sorrow's always hiding in plain sight."  A message about how things like child abuse might be hiding in plain site, while the family looks to be normal from a distance.  At least that's the message I'm getting from this lyric.

A Love Like This - This song starts off with a catchy melody.  A great love song here.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Except that it should be on the radio.  And I don't mean some other artist performing it either.  Karen should be on the radio.  Seriously.  This song is THAT good.

God Thing - Man, I love the fiddle at the beginning of this track.  Here is one of the other top tracks of the album.  You know, I can't really say that, they're all top tracks.  This is about seeing God in everyone you meet and see.  So many things prove the existence of God.  You don't have to go to the good book to prove it, just look around you and see God in everything.

Paper Castles - Here is my favorite track on the album.  The title track. What a great guitar lead in the opening.  This is a great song about writing songs and sharing messages from the deepest depths of our souls as songwriters.  It shares how fragile we are to open ourselves up in when we write music.  We also see that when we write something that it keeps us moving forward on our path to help heal others with our music.  That's my interpretation of this powerful song.  So go build your dream with paper castles.  "It's the song that's everlasting." (a favorite lyric)

The Best Part of My Day - a nice mellow love song.  Love the djembe for the drum. This is a great song to dance slow too.  Just getting lost in each other's eyes.  Beautifully written and love the chorus here.  "The best part of my day is tonight, dancin real slow by candle light" yet another great lyric.

NOLA - How else would you start off a song about New Orleans, other than with an accordion.  It's a must!  Zydeco baby!  A love song to the city of New Orleans.  Perfectly written and beautifully sung. Yet another great chorus that is memorable.  The hooks on this album are so well written and have me thinking about them long after I've heard the song.

Little Man - You never know what God's plan is for you or someone that is born into your life.  That child might be taken due to heart conditions, ill health or cancer.  Sometimes that child passes from Sudden Infant Death.  In tough times like these we lean on our faith to help us through the loss and know that the child is back home and at peace and wrapped in God's love.  Yeah folks, this song made me cry the first time I heard it and again while I review it.  It's a true gift of a song writer, when they can tug on your heartstrings so well, that you can relate to the story that they are sharing and the tears begin to flow.  If you're not tearing up on this song, then I'm not sure what might touch your heart.

And last, but definitely not least in my book.

E S & D (Ghost Track) - Here is one of my favorite bonus tracks of all time!  The message is perfect.  I'll go no further with the meaning here because I feel that you can pick that out yourself.  I play this song when I'm feeling "the need".  It makes me laugh and smile and I know that Karen has a great sense of humor and won't take crap from anyone. This should be a Country Anthem!!  I love the sing-along at the end with the crowd.  Perfect ending to a perfect album.

In conclusion: Buy this.  I have had a lot of albums come across my desk this year that have been too good not to buy.  I'm going to be saying this a lot over the coming months, because I have so many great albums and singles to review.  Buy this, because you won't be disappointed.  Great Country/Americana.  Great messages.  Phenomenal artist and songwriter.

Buy Direct from Karen 
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli - "Lifted"

Every once in a while, you come upon that album that hits all the right descriptive words that you are looking for in an excellent release. Stunning, stellar, beautiful, graceful, peaceful, exciting...  you get the picture.  Lori's voice and piano are so smooth and natural as is Fred's guitar playing.  But what is amazing about this musical couple, is how well their voices play off of each other.  Truly a gift.  Music is always an interpretation of the artist and the listener. Sometimes the listener hears different things than the artist.  I like to dig into the music and the lyrics here and what I offer is my interpretation of the song's message as I hear it.

First a little background on this musical couple, coming from their website at "Lori & Fred met on MySpace in 2007.  Their songs explore the many facets of the human condition with hope and an esoteric sensibility.  Fans of Norah Jones, Sarah MacLachlan and Joni Mitchell, quickly become fans of Lori and Fred as they explore Jazz, Acoustic, Folk, Pop, Gospel and Blues influences and gently infuse them into their own fresh and original style."

This third release for Lori & Fred, "Lifted", is an album that can not only be heard through the ear, but through the heart and soul.  It really is a special album. Since it came into my hands last week, I have listened to this album 15 times.  I just could not get this out of my CD player.  I recently made a playlist for my phone, so I could listen on the driver to work and at my desk.  I have a lot of music come across my desk in the last few months and "Lifted" stands out above crowd as one of the best releases I have heard in the last year.

I feel that the genre that these two artists would be lumped into would probably be Adult Contemporary.  I'd like to  reclassify this release as Jazz or even New Age.  I have only come upon an uplifting musical album once, in the last 10 years outside of the Religious Music genre.  The artist was Jana Stanfield, who writes inspirational songs that make you feel good and look inside to see the beauty in you.  With Lori & Fred I feel that I have come upon another gift of this very thing that I love; inspirational music about love, life and the goodness in everything.

This album is loaded with powerful stories, messages and an uplifting spirit.  A true gem in the jungle of the music industry.  Really, this is an album which I feel needs to be heard and played over and over till the messages sink in and are enjoyed by everyone who hears it.  So without further ado, I will walk you through the album track by track.

"Lifted" by Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli

Always There - Opening tracks for me, are key to the pace of the album  This track sets the tone for the whole release.  Exquisite harmonies and a beautiful melody throughout.  A love song for two people finding their way in life. I could see this song being used as a wedding, anniversary or memorial song.  When you listen to the lyrics, you'll see who this song reminds you of and then I guarantee, you'll have a tear in your eye.

Way Back Home - We have a great uplifting song here about finding your way through any of life's challenges and ending up back home.  The metaphors here are positive and beautifully laid out in the lyrics.  It's almost like a meditation mantra for positive affirmation and self talk. A wonderful way of saying "you can do this!" Love the melody of this track and the chorus is so catchy and memorable.  I have had this chorus running through my mind the last several days and it takes a lot for a song to get that space in my brain to do so.  Trust me; it does.

Dreaming - I find myself on the beach in this song.  It has a very tropical Bahamian feel to it. Almost like a Bossa Nova.  I get lost in Lori's voice and piano playing.  Something about this is very reminiscent of Sade and I hear some Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz falling gracefully into the feel of "The Girl From Ipanema".

Lifted - We start here with Fred singing with Lori coming in on the harmonies.  Again, a wonderful and uplifting song.  A powerful message about being together and lifting each other up in love.  It's about being a rock for each other and allowing each other to soar like an eagle in the relationship. "I know I'll go higher with you." is how it ends.  A truly happy ending.

The Outside - Lori sings a story from her youth to a lady that she has met along the road.  The lesson of "it's never worth the price you pay when the beauty is on the outside."  Strong message. Beautifully told in another hook-laden chorus, with a killer acoustic lead from Fred in the middle of the tune.  Love this tune.  Powerful lesson.

Good Harbor - Fred's guitar in the beginning builds with Lori singing lead and Fred coming in on another beautiful harmony.  A song about renewing and rejuvenating a relationship and living a renewed life.  The water will carry this couple's troubles far away.  A peaceful lyric.

Castle - Starts with a beautiful piano and then the smooth beautiful voice of Lori.  I'm focused on listening to the lyrics of this song while I'm writing this and I just had to pause and get lost in this song again.  Seriously, it's hauntingly beautiful.  Powerful message again about looking for the good things in life.  I still think there can never be enough daydreaming in our daily lives, but sometimes we have to come down to Earth.  Why would you want to come down from that castle in the air anyway?  I'd probably stay there if I could too.  You'll get what I mean when you hear this song.

Wayfaring Stranger - Back to the Bahamas again. This song paints a picture of going back to home. At least that's what I'm pulling in from the lyrics.  I'm lost in Fred's lead guitar and Lori's piano playing.  Stellar!  The organ that comes in after the lead guitar part is a nice addition and takes the song into a Gospel feel with a full harmony of backup singers.  This song just keeps building and taking me away from my daily grind.  I find myself swaying back and forth in my chair as I get lost in Fred's second lead guitar part.  This is SO good.  Santana, Joe Walsh; eat your hearts out, this is excellent guitar work!

OM - Lori singing a wonderful mantra. "Peace is in my heart." If we all sang this on a daily basis, I think the world would be a better place.  In fact, this may now become a beautiful daily meditation for me.  It's a nice reminder to be fully engaged in the moment of life.  What a better way, than to sing this out loud every chance you get.  When they break into "Joy is in my soul" I get shivers.  Big shivers.  And finally, the last message I'll let you ponder.  It's the teaching of many Eastern traditions, "God is Who I Am".  Again, powerful messages throughout.

So there you have it.  Track by track and I really can't paint the picture enough.  The album is worth of listening too over and over again.  Absorb the messages and feel the positive energy that this album exudes.

A portion of proceeds from Lori & Fred's CD sales goes directly to  NEADS is a great organization that supplies dogs for deaf and disabled Americans.  What a great organization to give too, and what a better way to give to this organization by buying this album.  Support Independent Artists like Lori & Fred.  Keep this positive music alive!

In conclusion. I'm not sure what else to say to get you all to go order a copy of this gem.  I will say that if I had read a review like this and heard song samples of each track, I would buy this in a heartbeat.  This is the kind of music and songwriting that I live for.

You can sample the above tracks through Lori & Fred's ReverbNation page or listening through the ReverbNation Widget below.

Visit Lori & Fred at these locations