Thursday, August 6, 2015

Angela Predhomme - Will

I have played Angela Predhomme on my show for a while now. Every release out does the last. "Will" is the latest to step up Angela's talent to a whole other level with great new music. She never ceases to amaze me with her song writing and silky beautiful voice.

I receive a lot of music submitted to me for the show and there are just those few special artists who stand out and make you go "Yeah, this one." "Will" evokes that feeling for me. This album is stellar with every song having hit potential.

From the opener "Friday Morning Sunrise" taking me on a musical journey, to the haunting melody of "Let Her Go" and closing out the album with a beautiful heart-melting song "I'm Not Ready"; about watching your child grow up and not being ready to let them go out into the world just yet; I have to highly recommend this album.

Angela's smooth and soft voice singing through the melodies is like sweet cream in your coffee. "Will" is one of those special albums that do not come around very often, so pick this up. Takes a lot to me to well up with tears in my eyes while listening to a song and "I'm Not Ready" did that to me.

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A longer review for "Will" is being worked on, because I want give my take on the beauty of each song.