Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Rock'n'Roll Machine Forges On!

Canada has produced some powerful rock groups over the years. From the progressive rock of Rush, to the power pop group Trooper all the way to the top 40 pop rock styling of Chilliwack, The Great White North has produced one talented group after another. Triumph is no exception. From their early career to the departure of Rik Emmett and beyond, this band has always produced some of the most influential music in 70s, 80s and 90s rock. Now with Rik back in the band, we're all hoping that the next generation of Triumph music will do us fans proud.

We all know that there is still great music to be written by this trio.

This newest release of their greatest hits is amazingly well done, remixed and remastered.

I haven't heard such a great remixing and remastering job since a group of Australian sound engineers remastered the greatest hits of Steely Dan.

From the opening of the greatest hits starts with Allied Forces all the way through to the Rock'n'Roll Machine, it sounds like these songs were re-recorded with today's technology and mastering software. The cover song of Love Hurts, by Nazareth, I was not too keen on. I've only ever heard that song done right by one other person and that was Tony Harnell of T.N.T. in his side project, Morning Wood. (Another great CD)

So, if you are a Triumph fan, pick up this re-masterpiece today! You won't be disappointed one bit.

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