Saturday, March 13, 2010

More to come soon.

I know that I keep promising new writing, but I'm actually putting together various posts all at the same time. 2009 was a plethora of great band releases, that continue into the 2010 first quarter. Its hard to believe that the first quarter of the year is almost over, but life is moving rather fast lately.

New of late, where my music is concerned. I'm working on several new dance pieces, along with several new piano pieces that I'll release in the coming month. Transitioning into the band Syrens is complete and we are now playing gigs. You can check us out at or or . I'm playing both bass and keyboard for them. I also have posted video at YouTube and on the Facebook page, which I'll post here shortly.

Lots of new stuff to turn everyone on too as well. Winger, Rock Sugar, The Poodles, Europe, Danger Danger and tons of other great releases that I'll go into greater detail of in the future. I haven't forgotten about my Broadjam buds either. I'll be turning you onto a new project by my buddy Ian and his cowriter in crime, Peter Olach. So that is soon to come.

Hope this if finding everyone having a wonderful end to the Winter blues and anxiously awaiting Spring like I am. Its almost here. :)