Saturday, February 14, 2009

Music Is My Life! Welcome!

Hello Everyone out in the Blogosphere!

My name is David Davis. I am a musician, photographer, writer, artist, designer, video production editor and programmer (for the day job). My first love is music and every genre of it. I don't really think there is anything that I don't like. I've listened to just about everything from Country to Rock to Rap to Death Metal to Trip Hop and Funk and everything in between. I own lots of CDs and albums that I've listened to over the years, from High School, till now in my mid forties. One thing I have always been passionate about is sharing information on bands and artists that I love from different genres of music. Some known, some not so well known and others who are independent artists.

What I wanted to write a blog about is music. To point out varying artists that I have found or stumbled upon over the years. To give background information from things I have read about the artist, and also pointing you to sources where you can listen to and buy the artist's music to support their craft. Sometimes I may get deep into the background of a specific artist, where they came from, what motivates them and where they started or what groups they have come from, left or disbanded from.

These, to me, are interesting tidbits that help tie you to the music and the artist themselves, to give you a little bit of what makes them tick and drives their music.

I'll use sources of where I have found Independent artists, like Broadjam happens to be a site where I house my music. Like Taxi, they offer ways to get your music heard by the industry for licensing, while offering a site where musicians can sell their music, enter contests and house their catalog of music. They also offer hosting for musicians so they may have their own website. This is what I use Broadjam for. is my site. Take a listen to the music and see if you like it. Buy a song for download if you'd like, or just play the song freely. Its one of the few sites on the Internet that allows you to listen to full songs and not just a snippets.

Broadjam CEO Roy Elkins and his team, based out of Madison, Wisconsin, have one of the coolest sites available for us independent musicians and they are always offering more ways for us to shop our music with the industry of film and TV. Plus different and fun contests to enter into with our peers, like the yearly extravaganza called the 6-Pack. You can also network with other musicians through Broadjam. Many of us also network through other sites like Facebook and MySpace. (I have yet to jump into the MySpace world, but I will someday). Roy and the gang at Broadjam do a great job of supporting us and we thoroughly enjoy being on the site.

The wonderful thing, is just how accessible the people are at Broadjam. Not just the musicians who help you out with reviewing your music, but the staff as well. I've enjoyed several email exchanges with Roy on several occasions, and when I have had issues with my account or problems with some new upgrades to the site, customer service and Roy have been there every time to help me through the issues.

There are several other tools that I use to storehouse my music and get it out into the mainstream.


All of these sites are topics for another day.

Lastly, I'm going to focus on some friends that I have made along the way. These are artists I think you should get to know. Their music is exceptional, their talent is amazing and I love to listen to their music regularly. Some are independents on Broadjam, some are just selling their wares on CDBaby and others I have known for a long time, going back in time and we've lost touch over the years, but they are well worth mentioning.

So if you're interested, subscribe, tune in and I'll turn you on to some interesting music that I really like to listen too and share with others. I'll probably be sharing some YouTube links as well as some books that are very interesting reads on the industry and musician skills and techniques.

Thanks for reading!


  1. cool idea my friend, will be keeping an eye on you.
    Saluti from Iceland

  2. Dave B Dave, bc he's just the supercoolest!
    By the way, I LOVE your country / house song!!!!
    It sounds amazing and is VERY unique :0)

    love the blog, you get a good eyeful and earful into the kaleidescope of your perspectives :0)

    John visconti is SOOO amazing as well and glad that you are both Abby Normals (hehe)

    Rock on Dave!