Thursday, July 2, 2009

Been away for awhile...

Much to much going on. And in some cases Much Ado About Nothing... but I digress. I am heading into much calmer waters, and excuses being gone, I've neglected my blog long enough and its time to start writing again. I miss it so much.

So, plan on a few artists being added soon. My listening list has grown beyond a mile lately. New bands for you to check out that will rock your car as you drive around this summer, and some new beautiful piano music that I'd like to share with all of you.

I've added a few gadgets to my page here and at Facebook. ReverbNation has a fine widget that is displayed at the bottom of this page. I'm going to be uploading more music to that player very soon, giving you a place to listen to my music while you read some of what I am writing, if you so choose. I've also added a YouTube gadget to the right of the bar here. This is my video channel and is playing the videos that I create and post on YouTube.

I am in the process of rejuvenating my dance CD, which I will release sometime soon. I'm also in the process of writing new material for a third piano CD release. I may also release my soundtrack music as a separate CD. So much going on. I'm trying to network as much as I can while I am searching for placement in TV and Film. I'm searching more on the Film angle than TV, although both would be wonderful.

More to write very soon. :) Peace to everyone on Earth, a Happy 4th of July and may Freedom through Peace ring throughout the Earth.


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