Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Independent Share for 11-18-2013 - Show #2

Show # 2 is in the can this week, you can now go and listen to it on the Spreaker Radio web page or through the embedded player below.

I hope that you enjoy this week's artist.

One new artist this week includes Jennifer Thomas, who I wrote a review on this blog not to long ago.

Jennifer Thomas - Etude for the Dreamer
  Jennifer's Facebook Page
Gloria Taylor - Please Believe
  Gloria's CD on CDBaby

John Visconti - Wanderings

Sarah Donner - Treeline
  Sarah's Facebook Page

Ian Kenny - The Magic Guitar
  Ian's Facebook Page

Morgen La Civita - Pretty Marie
  Morgen's Facebook Page

Steven Swinford - Grasslands
  Steven's Facebook Page
Stacy Swinford - Marionette
  Stacy's Facebook Page

Zach Phillips - Crezy Kind of Love

Mari Jackson - Bring It On
  Mari's Facebook Page

Liz Miller - Couch
  Liz's Facebook Page
  Liz's CD on CDBaby

Jimmy the Dog - If This Old Horse Could Talk
  Jim's Facebook Page

Spacekat - Afternoon Shade
  Spacekat's SoundCloud Page

Yves Jean - The Sun
  Yves' Facebook Page

Stickman Bleeding - All Alone

Fateless Tears - Music                           
 Fateless Tears' Facebook Page

Xaoslord - Newtown                           
  Xaoslord's Facebook Page

Sad Alice Said - Open Your Eyes                           
  Sad.Alice.Said Facebook Page

Bellusira - By Your Side                   
  Bellursira's Facebook Page

Loveblast - When We Were Young
  Loveblast's Facebook Page

Seventrain - Change
  Seventrain's Facebook Page

Wayland - On My Knees
  Wayland's Facebook Page

Deepfield - Don't Let Go
  Deepfield's Facebook Page

A Lonely Crowd - The Fall   
 A Lonely Crowd's Facebook Page

Prassein Aloga - Under Surveillance
  Prassein Aloga's Facebook Page
Rock Sugar - Dreaming Of A Whole Lotta Breakfast
  Rock Sugar's Facebook Page

Nils Rurack - Fat Cat
  Nils' Facebook Page
  Nils' CD on CDBaby

ERIC GALES - The Spice
  Eric Gales' Facebook Page

Mike Sherrill - Mike Sherrill - Celebration circle
  W.T.A.U. Pea Ridge Nation Spreaker Page
  Mike's Facebook Page

Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey
  Jonathan Coultan's Facebook Page

Troy Castellano - Out of Time           
  Troy's Facebook Page

Anna Lombard - Why Did You Leave Me   
  Anna Lombard's Facebook Page

Stacy Swinford - Your Indifference
  Stacy's Facebook Page

Ian Gould - Photographs and Memories 
  Ian's Facebook Page

Malika Esdelle - Barricade
  Malika Esdelle's Facebook Page
John Visconti - It Won't Be Christmas Without You
Sweet Diezel Jenkins - You Give Love a Bad Name
  Sweet Diezel Jenkins' Facebook Page

Spacekat - Spacekats Theme (1:50)
  Spacekat's SoundCloud Page

Jennifer Thomas - Requiem for a Dream
  Jennifer's Facebook Page

Don Duck Landes - Spare Dreams (3:06)
  Quackhouse Radio
  Duck's ReverbNation Page

David Bruce Davis - Crimson Bubblin Blues
  David's Facebook Page

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