Monday, September 6, 2010

Spock's Beard - Say Goodbye To Yesterday

As I sit here this morning, I think about all the videos that I've shared out on Facebook lately and wondered to myself, why haven't I just put them on my blog like I was wanting too last year when I started writing this stuff. :)  Well, this is the first one of the myriad of songs that have been going through my "sharelist" lately.

Spock's Beard.  An incredible band formed in 1992 by brothers Neal and Alan Morse.  The name came from the alternate Universe episode of the original Star Trek series where Mr. Spock had a beard and when they presented the list of names to call the band, Alan thought it would be funny to throw the name on the list and the band chose it.

I love every album this band has released.  Some are better than others, but they have progressed so well, even after the departure of Neal Morse in 2002.  Neal left to pursue his own solo career and calling in the Christian community and has quite a successful career and following in that genre.  The band had varying belief backgrounds and kept their lyrics very spiritual in meaning but never preachy.  They remain so in the absence of Neal, with Nick D'Virgilio as the bands main singer now and they continue on in the same vein as the band progresses into more heavier and intricate pieces on their last two CDs.

This is one of my favorite songs from this band.  There are too many to list here, but this is one of my favorites.  "Say Goodbye To Yesterday".    I think one of the coolest tracks on the V CD for its meaning.  Very deep and introspective, my favorite line is "Do you have your baggage or do your bags have you?"

If you can, please check out songs like "June", "Distance to the Sun", "The Doorway", "Waste Away", "Thoughts", "Gibberish",  "The Good Don't Last", "Day For Night", "The Light", "At The End of the Day" when you have a moment. If you like them, then support them by purchasing their tracks or a CD.  

Here is "Say Goodbye To Yesterday" in it's entirety:

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