Friday, February 10, 2012

Shy - Shy

As I sit here and listen to this masterpiece of melodic metal, I can't help to think what a tragedy befell this band in October of 2011. The guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Harris (not to be confused with the bassist from Iron Maiden), died from a brain tumor. He leaves behind a 13 album discography that spans almost 30 years. I loved this band in the 80s and still do.  When I heard this latest offering last year, I was floored. The songwriting on this album is well crafted. Great lyrics with excellent guitar playing and the powerful voice of Lee Small.

Some of the greatest highlights from this album are, "Save Me", "Sanctuary" and "Blood On the Line". The latter being one of my favorite tracks. This song just rocks from beginning to end. The riff at the end of the song is just killer as well as the chord structure in the last few minutes. You'll find yourself banging your head up and down with the horns up in the air as they come out of that last solo. "Sanctuary" is an epic song, from beginning to end. The bluesy lead guitar work through the whole song and the fist pumping power after the intro, just remind me of standing in front of a stage at a concert and screaming songs like this at the top of my lungs, banging my head to the band.

All of the songs on this release are great and the hooks in each track are reminiscent of the glory days of the late 80s, when this style of music ruled the airwaves and it took us away from our everyday worries and cares.

If the band or the family ever reach this little review, I hope they know how much this album means to one of its fans. Steve will be sorely missed, but his legacy lives on in a masterpiece that I will listen to quite a bit over the rest of my years. I just love this album! RIP Steve Harris, thank you for rocking us all!

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Blood On the Line


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