Friday, February 10, 2012

Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape

This is one of my favorite progressive rock releases for 2011. Hands down, some greatest songwriting, storytelling, singing, arranging and musicianship I have heard in years. I have listened to this album a countless times this year. There are some moments of grandeur here that just shine an immense brightness on this band. "Alley Cat" is one of those tracks that has a catchy progressive rock hook that I have not heard in a chorus in a very long time. 

The talent in this band is very technique oriented with a strong sense of emotion.  This is something that is lacking in some progressive rock bands who chase the "angry chipmunk" with their flashy chops.  Not with this band. The bass player, Andreas Blomqvist, is a monster on the six-string bass and Tommy Karevik has one of those voices that just pierces the veil when he sings. I don't know how else to describe his vocal style, except that he is one of the purest tenors I've ever heard sing outside of Jon Anderson of Yes.

"The Great Escape" is an epic prog-tale of 30 minutes which is an ode to a dying Earth. The song starts with our Earth Mother singing her song of sorrow to us as we leave her behind to die. Just that piece of the song alone has a power in its lyrics that bring a tear to your eye. I kid you not. I loved the melody line so much when I first heard this piece, that I had to look up the lyrics. When I read the story behind the album and this song, it brought a tears to my eyes. A very profound statement on how we are destroying our planet and for what.

I can honestly say that there is not a bad track on this album. The harmonies are excellent as well as the music itself. I look forward to listening to this album many more times in the future and cannot wait for new music to come from these gentlemen. Please support bands like this and purchase their music.

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